Disney’s California Adventure “World of Color”

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Disney continues to outdo itself while re-affirming its position as the perennial creator of “moments” that we’ll never forget.  Their new “World of Color” attraction show at Disney’s California Adventure in Anaheim, CA is an elegant coalescence of Bellagio water fountains, amazing light and laser technology, stunning images that are masterfully embedded onto the water, and–of course–the most rousing score that you’ll hear in a very, very long time.  It’s an incredible display of old and new technology fused together while substantively paying homage to the Disney collection.  The show is about 30 minutes, but worth absolutely every second.  I can’t wait to see this in person.



HTC EVO vs. iPhone 4

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Few videos are this consistently accurate.  What’s the difference between Android users and iPhone users?  See the video to find out.  Luckily, people are smart, and will come to their senses.  Things will start changing this fall and winter.

UPDATE! Apparently, the video was created by a who’s about to be terminated.


Harry Potter 7 Trailer

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Platitude has reached an all-time high…as has melodrama.  Way overkill on the soaring score and flashing images.  Does anyone even know what this movie is about?  Is it even tied to the book anymore?


Laker Victory or Loss?

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Let’s play a game.  A few years ago in 2002, I remember the LA news covering a riot that had arisen because of the Lakers’ championship victory.  According to the report, some odd “five cars” were set on fire.  Given that humans are creatures of habit, guess if the below video signifies a Laker win or loss:


Where The Obscenity Begins

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I wanted to post this in the context of a Huffington Post article about the “Most Inappropriate Mom.”  At about the 0:05, I just don’t know what to say.  See for yourselves.


Facebook & Privacy

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Missed the blog boat on this a bit, but Facebook’s privacy concerns have elevated consumer notions of “privacy” from buzz word to real threat.

Watch Facebook “CEO” Zuckerberg’s explanation of his privacy “policy” here.  To raise the ad hominen, does anyone else have an allergic reaction to his public speaking style?

This one’s way better:

Here’s an infographic on how bad it had gotten.


Song of the Week

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This isn’t exactly new, but 30 Seconds to Mars’ “Kings and Queens” is amazing.  Already layered within the Legends of the Guardians trailer and Sunkist’s latest commercial, the rock anthem-like jam fuses hard drums and strings with soaring vocals, culminating in a liberating children’s chorus.